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Pitchfork, the English Country (Barn Dance) Band.

For an enjoyable evening, Wedding, Corporate or other Social Event.British, American and other traditional dances.



Formed in 1979 Pitchfork is one of the South of England's most popular Barn Dance & Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) bands.

The members have changed over the years, but are still led by one of the original 4 members, the current line-up having remained the same since 1990.

Pitchfork operate with local Dance Callers, all over the South of England from their base in Berkshire and North Hampshire, performing for Private parties, Corporate events, Music & Dance Festivals, Weddings, Anniversaries, Fund Raising & other Social events.


  • Elaine Charlson - Whistles, Recorders, Wind Synthesiser
  • Tony Hooper - Guitar
  • Bill Jones - Bass Guitar
  • Ian Woledge - Melodeons

Tony is one of the original members of the top 60's & 70's band Strawbs. He and Elaine are also members of the trio Misalliance specialising in Early and Baroque music, whilst Ian is also a member of the band Random, known for their appearances at major Folk Festivals, & featuring Saul Rose of Waterson:Carthy, Faustus, Whapweazle and Dansaul  amongst others.

Ian is also sometimes a Guest with the band Rogues Gallery.

Promotional Artwork

As an Added Value Service, the Band will prepare on request and free of charge, Artwork for posters, tickets or invitations to help get an event off to a good start.


On occasions Pitchfork are booked over 12 months prior to an event, especially for the busy summer months when barns are empty and weddings more popular. For this reason we suggest that you do not leave it until the last moment to enquire about availability, but give yourselves at least 3 months to organise your event.


Three of England's finest traditional musicians, exceeding even the highest expectations of their well documented individual talents. Together they create a rare and precious musical atmosphere , both joyful and moving in equal measure, a band with genuine chemistry.



The six guys who are RANDOM, bring their vast experience of all kinds of folk and dance music to this well-established band. Their gutsy, melodic, folk-rock interpretation of tunes with traditional roots, creates scintillating but subtle ceilidh music that will make you want to dance. Saul Rose who also plays with Waterson:Carthy & Faustus amongst others, joins up with Paul Nye to bring two very exciting melodeon-playing talents together. Add the classy bass guitar of Keith Holloway, the guitar rhythms of Ian Woledge, the matchless bass trombone harmonies of Glynn Burch, and the rock-solid drumming of Roger Smith, and you’ve got the unique RANDOM sound.


Saul Rose

I'm an English singer and melodeon player. I'd say I'm probably a folk musician. I bought my first Castagnari in 1988 and I've spent several years buying more of them... I've played for 24 years and I still love every note.


The Strawbs

History of the Strawbs. Check out the long and varied history of the Strawbs, from the early days of bluegrass to the unique fusion of rock and folk they became. With archive photographs from members of the band's own collections.



For more than 30 years Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy have been at the forefront of the English folk scene. Joined by their daughter, singer and fiddle player Eliza Carthy and melodeon player Saul Rose, together they form Waterson:Carthy, one of Britain's most successful and influential folk bands.